Hi there!

Were a band with some serious post-punk revival vibes straight out of Hazlet, NJ. Each of our songs is a carefully constructed bop, with intentions to tug on your heartstrings, and also make you want to start a pit!

(or dance if pits arent your thing)

Our crew is comprised of an all All Eastern choir singer who writes lyrics like a poet, a super creative acoustic based guitar player, a bass player who freakin shreds (despite the fact that her fingers just barely reach all of the notes), and an All Shore drummer who can play anything from jazz to drum corps.


Over 2ish years weve played over 20 shows, with 15 original songs (that are lowkey a concept album) deriving from any genres that we considered fun at the moment! But for real theyre mostly alternative rock...kind of? Sometimes theyre reggae rock, sometimes theyre pop punk doo wop, sometimes theyre sad as heck (update: quite a few of them are sad as heck), sometimes theyre a hard rock driven jazz waltz in 11/8

(okay thats just one song but still) 

You know what, just check out our music online (or come see us live!) and decide for your self! We hope you join us for the ride!

Where it Began

Literally out of no where, Jack's middle school band director asked him to accompany Gabby at the talent show. Even though it was kinda weird in the moment (he barely knew her) they played a 21 Pilots cover and it just kinda happened from there